Civil laws are not punishable by imprisonment. These actions are typically commenced when one party believes he or she is owed compensation due to the actions of another. In civil actions, a person may be responsible for actions even though he or she did not intend the consequences. For example, civil law makes you financially responsible for a car accident that you caused, but didn't intend.  Let the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke provide you with civil legal services in Naples and Ft. Myers. 



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Criminal laws are laws written by Congress and state legislators to punish behavior illegal behavior against the Florida or the United States of America. These transgressions are punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. In order to be found guilty of a criminal law, typically, the prosecution must show that the defendant intended to commit the crime he or she is charged beyond a reasonable doubt.  At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, our criminal defense attorneys provide criminal representation and criminal legal services in Naples, Ft. Myers, and throughout Southwest Florida.

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