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As anyone who has rented residential or commercial property knows, the landlord tenant relationship is regulated by the Florida laws enacted by the State's Legislature. Most often the landlord and tenant enter into a written lease and on rarer occasions they enter into an oral agreement, both of which are binding contracts.

The Florida Statutes governing landlord/tenant relationships dictate the responsibilities the parties have toward each other, that is if said responsibilities are not spelled out in the lease. For example, eviction of a tenant can only take place under certain circumstances and notice to remedy any breaches by the tenant must be given. Landlords have duties to remedy deficiencies with the leased property and must be given notice to correct these deficiencies before the tenant can withhold rent.

Florida Law and most leases encourage resolution of landlord/tenant issues before becoming involved in a lawsuit. The Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke have represented both landlords and tenants over the years and have handled every conceivable landlord/tenant issues. We have the experience to settle your claim out of court, saving you time and expense but we are also skilled litigators that will represent you in the courtroom if a settlement is not the best course of action.

We also draft and review leases to make sure all of your concerns are met when operating as a landlord or when you are renting as a tenant. Review of your lease may mean that deposits are due to you at the termination of a lease or even that you are not responsible for alleged damages to a property.