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What If My Child Has Never Had A Run-In With The Law?

If your child is a first-time offender, he/she may be eligible for a number of alternatives to a Juvenile Program, such as Teen Court, or a Diversion Program in which the charges against your child would be dropped. Our firm provides has vast experience in defending both first-time offenders and repeat juvenile offenders.

Different Defense Strategies In Juvenile Cases.

Sometimes the defending against criminal charges is only half the battle. In many cases, your child requires the intervention of professionals so that the kind of problematic behavior that placed him/her before the Court does not occur again. There are vast resources available that we can refer your child to such as therapy, counseling, drug treatment or other assistance that will place your child back on the path to recovery and prosperity instead of a path that may lead to a never-ending cycle of criminal activity. At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we represent juvenile defendants throughout Collier, Lee, and Southwest Florida.

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At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we are zealous advocates of juveniles charged with crimes. As attorneys and as parents, we understand the difficult issues that arise as a result of our children experiencing trouble with the law. The effect that a juvenile record and possible jail time has on your child as well as for your family can be tremendous. Additionally, your child's future educational and career opportunities can be detrimentally effected by their run-in with the law. Our firm has extensive experience navigating the juvenile court system and knows how to assure that the rights of your children are not violated.

At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we understand that defending juveniles requires an alternative approach to that of defending an adult. Our primary goal is to assure that your child's rights are protected with aggressive defense strategies, while at the same time to work with you, the parents, to asses your child's behavior to make sure that any penalties or punishments assessed by the court help to address his/her behavioral problem before your child becomes a repeat juvenile or adult offender.

Juvenile Crimes (Delinquency)