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It can be quite a traumatic experience to be arrested on a drug charges in the Naples area.  Punishments can be severe and the system can be tough on people accused of drug crimes.  Having an experienced attorney on your side can protect your rights and minimize any punishments sustained whether the charge is minor, like a possession of marijuana or serious like large scale trafficking.

Mr. Clarke and his team have the experience and skill to help people accused of:

Drug possession;

Driving under the influence of drugs;

Drug possession with intent to sell;

Drug sales;

Drug transport;

Drug manufacturing;

And any other Drug Crimes.

Additionally, in Florida, possession of various prescription drugs are becoming increasingly common and has been involved in many of our recent drug cases. Marijuana possession and grow houses are also becoming more common as well as cocaine or heroin cases.

No matter what the case, our attorneys will take the time to explain all aspects of the case so that you can make the informed decision at to a course of action based on all of the information.

We Are Here to Serve You... At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we never forget that we work for the client. We are sympathetic to our clients' troubles, and will do whatever we can to help them because we understand that this difficult time. Our focus is getting the best possible result for our clients and their families. To help as many people as he can, we don't charge for the initial consultation.

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If you need help defending yourself in anything from a minor drug possession to a large-scale sale, contact us immediately to get our experience on your side. Our attorneys will serve you where you need us in locations throughout Collier, Lee, and Southwest Florida.

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