Our Firm has the experience necessary to analyze your commercial claim and to keep you involved with your case so that we can help you make the best decision for you. Our attorneys can help you settle out of court or litigate in the courtroom if that is the course you choose.

We will use all of our experience and resources to make sure that we achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Commercial Litigation

Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, P.L.

Everyday an individual or business enters into numerous transactions and there is bound to be a dispute between the parties in regard to the goods and services provided or received. Often times hiring an experienced attorney is the only way to assure that your legal rights are protected.

At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we have had the pleasure or representing many clients with their business or consumer related disputes. Our clients range from individual consumers to small and large business owners whose issues include some of the following:

•breach of contract,

•business torts,

•business ownership disputes,

•tortuous interference with contracts and business relationships,

•purchase and sales contracts,

•partnerships and joint ventures,

•lost income and profits,

•and breach or warranty.