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Sex Crimes: Unlike other crimes where the accused can pay their debt to society and move on, those who are accused of sex crimes are often treated like they are guilty until proven innocent and then are persecuted for their lives, even if they have done their time. Don’t let a false accusation of a sex crime ruin your life.

Federal Crimes: Facing off against a federal prosecutor is serious. Federal crimes include ones that violate federal law or cross state lines. If you are accused of a federal crime, not just any attorney will do. You need a Naples federal crimes lawyer with experience, like the ones at the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke.

White Collar Crimes: Our firm has successfully represented those accused of white collar crimes in Naples, including embezzlement, fraud, securities violations, tax evasion, and money laundering. If you have been accused of a white collar crime, you can still face serious consequences, even though your crime was non-violent. Don’t take any chances. Call us today.

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Drug Crimes: From trafficking to simple possession, we work to clear your name of any drug charges against you. Many individuals who are accused of drug possession and trafficking are simply struggling with an addiction, and need assistance, not jail time. If you need to defend against Naples drug charges, call our office today.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI): When a few drinks out turns into an evening of sobriety exercises, breath tests, and a night in jail, we work quickly to make sure you have every chance of keeping your drivers license and avoiding the consequences of a DUI. A DUI charge can happen to anyone, any time and the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke are ready to analyze he videos of your ordeal and file the motions to get illegally obtained evidence suppressed. If you need to defend against Naples drug charges, call our criminal defense lawyers today office today.

At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we not only want to see our clients beat their criminal accusations, but we also want to see them move on from their ordeal and succeed in life. Whether you were innocent of the crime or you made some bad decisions that led to your criminal charges, we genuinely hope that our clients are able to put their brush with the law behind them and move forward to lead productive, safe, and fulfilled lives. When you walk into our office, you will be greeted with compassion and understanding. Our attorneys and staff will discuss your side of the story with you and explain the process to you, without judgment. We treat our clients the same way we would like to be treated, and that means protecting them through the legal process and then helping them to move on beyond their Naples criminal prosecution.

Types of Criminal Defense We Handle

At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we handle many different types of criminal law. Any charge, even federal crimes such as terrorism, embezzlement, and drug trafficking are serious crimes, but nothing is too serious for the Naples criminal attorneys at the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke. We handle just about any type of crime, but some of our more common cases include:

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As lawyers in the criminal justice system, we’ve seen it all. We all hear the stories of innocent people who are falsely accused. We know there are times when overzealous prosecutors try to make an example out of someone who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or who simply made a mistake. We’ve seen prosecutors recommend severe punishments for drug users who are accused of simple possession and merely need some rehabilitative treatment for their problem. And we have seen ruthless prosecution and the taking advantage of immigrant persons who may not even understand the proceedings against them.

At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we simply won’t stand for this type of legal behavior by the prosecutor in your case. We will do whatever we can to ensure that you are treated fairly in the criminal justice system and that your Constitutional rights are respected and defended at all times. We fight to suppress and exclude evidence that has been obtained illegally. We make sure you are represented in your interrogations and on the witness stand. We question any person who testifies against you, and we seek important evidence that can clear your name. Trust us with your criminal case, and we will make sure you never feel alone during this trying process in the Naples Criminal courts.

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Have you been accused of a crime? Are you struggling with a criminal charge hanging over you? Our firm is ready to help you beat your Naples criminal charge, rebuild your life, and move forward. At the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, we represent men and women of Naples who have been accused of a crime in the justice system. Our dedicated Naples defense attorneys have worked with defendants in federal crime cases, drug trafficking cases, and white collar cases, to name a few. We understand the inner workings of the justice system, and we will use our knowledge and our expertise to defend your rights in your criminal prosecution.

Don’t let your constitutional rights get trampled on. Don’t get lost in the system. When you hire the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke, you are gaining a team that will work tirelessly to help you get a reduced sentence, avoid jailtime, or get your charges dropped altogether. We don’t judge our clients. We understand the pressures they face and the hard decisions they have to make about their criminal prosecution. We do, however, utilize our skills and our knowledge to seek out every avenue possible to help them avoid jail time and avoid being persecuted in the justice system. What is your freedom worth to you? Don’t you think you need to hire the best Naples legal defense lawyers that you can?  Call the Naples criminal attorneys at the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke today.

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Are you willing to risk your future on an inexperienced attorney or an over-worked public defender? Are you willing to put your life and your livelihood into their hands? Remember that a criminal prosecution, and even the smallest turn of events, like an objection at trial, can have far-reaching consequences for the rest of your life. Call the Law Offices of Ian L. Clarke today, and put us to work defending you in your Naples City criminal case. We will work tirelessly to get the most favorable outcome possible for you in your case. Don’t delay. Call our offices today.

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